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Development of technological capacities around the industrial application of Internet of Things (IoT)


The POCTEP regions are constituted, predominantly, by rural areas, high levels of aging population and an economic development below the community average, with special emphasis on the Portuguese side of the border.

Boosting the competitiveness of SMEs in these regions is the only alternative for the necessary increase in their productivity, growth of population establishment in the region and cross-border exchange of specialized young people. The members of the IOTEC project consider that the catalytic element for the increase of competitiveness can be IoT technologies, either by the specialization of ICT SMEs that will allow them to launch into the market new products and services, inside and outside the region, or through the improvement of the productive processes of Industrial SMEs that will allow them to be more competitive in local, national and international markets.


Main Objective:
To promote research, technological development and innovation.

The overall objective of IOTEC project was to generate a network of scientific and technological actors in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) in the regions of Castilla y Leon and Portugal Centre Region, which will:
O1: Generate knowledge and expertise in R & D + I in IoT technologies and encourage technology transfer processes;

Promote R & D + I processes in IoT technologies in the regional companies/ industry, focusing on two segments: SMEs in the field of ICT, and innovative industrial SMEs;

O3: Create an interregional R & D + I action plan to generate an ecosystem dedicated to future projects that incorporate IoT technology, that creates added value and maintains activities for the promotion and diffusion of Internet technologies of things.


Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

Expected and Achieved Results:
• Creation of working groups and an IoT working ecosystem;

• Publication of three master's and two doctoral theses in the IoT area;

• Creation and implementation of one Master's program in the IoT area;

• Identification, diagnosis, training and consultancy of 30 ICT companies with the potential to develop IoT solutions;

• Identification, diagnosis, training and consultancy of 15 companies in the agro-industrial area with the potential to implement IoT solutions;

• Development of matchmaking actions between the supply and the demande of IoT solutions;

• Creation of an IOTEC knowledge map with actors, products, services, skills and IoT projects in the cooperation area of the project.

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Portugal and Spain

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Universidade de Salamanca
Fundação CARTIF
Federación de Asociaciones de Empresas de Tecnologías de la Información, Comunicaciones y Electrónica de Castilla y León 
Agencia de Innovación, Financiación e Internacionalización de Castilla y León 
Associação para o Pólo das Tecnologias de Informação, Comunicação e Electrónica TICE.PT
Instituto Pedro Nunes
InovCluster- Associação do Cluster Agro-Industrial do Centro




Internet of Things (IoT);
Network R&D+I.