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Tests for issuing plant passports
Rapid screening for quarantine pests and diseases
Identification of phytopathogenic organisms (bacteria, fungi, nematodes and viruses) in plants, soil and substrates
Applied R&D

Total diversity of microorganisms

Study of the total diversity of microorganisms (Microbiota) by NGS (plants, soil and substrates)
Study of the total diversity of cultivable microorganisms (plants, soil and substrates)
Applied R&D

Fitolab is accredited by the Instituto Português Acreditação (IPAC), according to the normative reference NP EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018, you can consult here the Accreditation Technical Annex.

If you would like to book a phytosanitary analysis service, please complete the registration form. You can request a quotation by sending an email to: fitolab@ipn.pt