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Company Description
Askblue Development of evolutionary and corrective maintenance services for applications
Black Monster Media Development of tailor made marketing services
Blueworks Development of data management solutions for Ophthalmology
Brands and Ninjas Development of a crowdsourced, DAAS (data as a service) web and mobile platform, which will allow any Brand to evaluate and control its presence on a specific point of sale in real-time
build.ing SaaS (AI-driven) solutions for real estate and construction companies that help them choose more economical and sustainable solutions.
ByTheLaw Artificial Intelligence platform streamlining and simplifying access to legal information
CentralTV Development of technology to support media activity
Cleanwatts We remove friction and complexity from local energy markets by originating and managing Renewable Energy Communities
CloverStrategy Integrated environmental assessment and monitoring services, combining analytical monitoring technologies with biological monitoring in its different components
CWPower Development of projects for embedded systems in the Electrical Installations sector
Deimos End-to-end Space mission providers
Ethiack Autonomous and symbiotic security platform powered by ethical hackers and AI
Everedge Consulting Development of Management and Information Systems Services
Evolve Software development
Flowbotic Development of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs
GoodBarber Software editor developing a content management system to create native apps for iOS and Android
IG&H Platform Services Providing End to End digital transformation projects using Low Code solutions
iTowin Development of integrated solutions for sport
KINETIKOS Development of clinical decision software for musculoskeletal injuries and Parkinson
Linkare Development of IT solutions, based on JAVA technologies
Maria Adelaide A creative coding and web development collective working with designers, artists and digital studios around the world
Med ROBOTS Development of robotic solutions for healthcare facilities
NEURASPACE Satellite collision avoidance powered by AI & Machine Learning
NOYTRALL TECHNOLOGIES Development of carbon monitoring, tracking and offsetting solutions for tourism, travel and hospitality industries
Parkware Development of efficient platforms for parking systems management