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Training stimulated by the IPN is a catalyst activity in the transfer of knowledge to SMEs.
IPN privileges training-action typologies, through the development of contents designed on a case-by-case basis and always with work solutions (consultancy/training) that value practice, creativity and innovation. This differentiation in methodology and organization of activities results from the balance between the diagnosis of needs and the adjustment to the reality of each team and each company.
The IPN also provides training courses for which trainers are mobilized from scientific institutions, in particular from the University of Coimbra, as well as from the business world, which allows to cover complementary areas and training profiles, providing interesting synergies.

IPN’s Training Department is a Portuguese certified training entity (certificate no. 2376/2016), which guarantees the ability to deliver high-end quality training and consulting. This certificated status is granted by DGERT - General Directorate of Employment and Labour Relationships. As a certified training institution, IPN uses practices and procedures that are orientated through a specific referential guide, giving credibility to IPN’s training services and its outcomes.

IPN has the following certified areas:
  • [090]Personal development
  • [220]Media production
  • [222]Foreign languages and literatures
  • [341]Commerce
  • [342]Marketing and advertising
  • [344]Accounting and Tax
  • [345]Management and administration
  • [347]Organization framework
  • [380]Law
  • [481]Computer Science
  • [482]Informatics from the user's perspective
  • [862]Occupational safety and health

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    This is a set of training events that are organised according to the specific needs of companies and institutions and which are offered in pre-established calendars.

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    Tailor-Made Training

    All training contents and solutions are defined according to the specific training needs of each company.

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    Training Catalog

    This is a set of training events with pre-defined contents covering IPN’s skills that are scheduled with potential customers.

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