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Autonomous trust, security and privacy management framework for IOT


The deployment of IoT systems are increasing worldwide, but so does security incidents like ransomware and cyber-extortion, which are not sufficiently covered by current cybersecurity practices and will proliferate with upcoming technologies like 5G. At the same pace, attacks are becoming more sophisticated, requiring reinforced cybersecurity competencies, as well as more effective mechanisms for detection and mitigation of attacks.


The ARCADIAN-IoT project aims to develop and make available a set of advanced and innovative tools for trust, security and privacy management in IoT systems, thus promoting trustworthy IoT systems.

The ARCADIAN-IoT project intends to take a step forward towards decentralized, transparent and user controllable privacy in three real use cases: Emergency and surveillance through drones and IoT; Network infrastructure monitoring; and IoT medical devices for remote monitoring and follow-up of cancer patients.

The project's strategy involves the use and advancement of technologies such as blockchain, chained encryption, decentralized identifiers, eSIM, biometrics, or federated AI.

ARCADIAN-IoT will allow implementing a Chain of Trust around identity, trust and recovery issues considering the various entities in IoT systems: people, IoT devices / objects and Applications / services.

Finally, ARCADIAN-IoT will increase the cybersecurity awareness of stakeholders through the implementation of cybersecurity training actions.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

The objectives and expected results of the project are related with the research and development of:
• Decentralized framework for IoT systems;

• Secure and trustworthy management of objects’ and persons' identification;

• Distributed and autonomous models for trust, security and privacy, enabling a Chain of Trust;

• Hardened encryption with recovery ability;

• Self and coordinated healing with reduced human intervention.

Project Reference

Grant Agreement No 101020259


Intervention Region

Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovenia

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36 Months

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Information Security Technologies;
Identity management systems;
Federated AI;
Decentralized ledger technology;
Cyber Threat Intelligence;
Functional encryption.