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Company Description Incubator
Bold Robotics Bold Robotics is developing INFORMAT ? Intelligent Forest Management Technologies, along with other engineering and robotics technologies for a better forest management. IPN Incubadora
Cityoo Cityoo is a platform to monitor city environment evolution and its constructions. www.cityoo.tech
Cybele Cybele provides quick access to reports of environmental crimes in the frame of judicial proceedings like litigation or dispute settlement.
DALMA DALMA is developing and commercialising an outdoor stock mapping robot which allows companies to map, scan and monitor outdoor stockpiling areas without human intervention.
ENARTIN ENARTIN is developing a smart and autonomous equipment for agricultural industry, aimed at reducing both operating costs and the use of chemical products in agriculture.
Eptune Engineering Eptune Engineering is developing an innovative equipment, that allows wind turbine blade repairs in harsh meteorological conditions. This solution can radically increase the duration of maintenance season and the turbine availability while reducing maintenance costs.
Field Field is an easy and reliable booking system for pitches, courts and fields and is now developing a device that can accurately track players (indoor or outdoor), offering a complete performance metrics to its users, assuring quality, reliability and accuracy.
Fregata Space Fregata Space is a Water Safety Monitoring Platform that collects data from Satellites, IoT sensors, public APIs, territory databases, among others in order to Monitor real time KPIs from floods, water shortages and contamination.
GasExpress GasExpress is a mobile platform and digital marketplace for Gas cylinders that aggregates and optimizes the supply and demand for Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders.
Localista Localista provides a SaaS solution to real estate brokers, that integrates seamlessly into their websites and provides an innovative toolkit for the house-seekers. IPN Incubadora
LS Engenharia LS Engenharia provide service on the geomatics sector, specialized in acquiring and editing geospatial information and producing cartography for engineering, environmental, maritime and nautical sectors. UALG TEC START
MOOBLET MOOBLET provides a SaaS solution that uses artificial intelligence algorithms for route/freight optimization, aggregating multiple sources of data such as traffic, internal company knowledge and weather information.
Our Watch Leads (OWL) Our Watch Leads (OWL) focuses on democratizing the access to satellite earth observation, providing up to date and quantifiable data to the construction, real estate and smart cities sectors.
SpacEngineer SpacEngineer is a company specialized in developing new customized impact absorption solutions for the aerospace sector. Its product Impact2Space is a high-performance material that can be used in satellites as a protective material against the impact of cosmic dust and orbital debris.
SPACEWAY SPACEWAY is NewSpace organization pushing forward space education, outreach, and technological innovation. The UNIoT solution enables affordable, secure, and private IoT communications anywhere. IPN Incubadora
STARUPLO STARUPLO is developing the Arya, an knowledge-as-a-service (KaaS) platform that provides accurate data for smart city management.
ViBo Health ViBo Health is building a smart medical device - quick and painless wrist scan - that enables health status tracking. Users receive actionable information on their direct and relevant metabolic measurements.