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Company Description Incubator
Waterdog Mobile Waterdog Mobile developed SCRAMJET that matches flight reservations and smartly identifies business travellers that will be located in the same airport at the same time. UPTEC
Active Aerogels Active Aerogels produces and commercializes aerogels for space and non-space applications. IPN Incubadora
Airborne Projects Airborne Projects is developing and integrating a system that automatically lands and docks a drone in a platform to perform battery switching. IPN Incubadora
Bluecover Technologies Bluecover Technologies is specialized in location based services, with focus on Space products exploitation for the global market. Commercializes the auto-tracking wristband, wearable solutions and IT consultancy services. DNA Cascais
Connect Robotics Connect Robotics developed autonomous navigation software and air traffic controller for drones (small UAVs), focused to enable the use of drones to deliver small packages. UPTEC
D-Orbit Portugal D-Orbit Portugal developed a Mesosphere in-situ data collection system during Cubesat decommission maneuver by an atmosphere analyser. DNA Cascais
Delox Delox is developing a bio-decontamination device for room/facility decontamination that can be used either in space or on Earth.
Eye2Map Eye2Map sells services with custom built UAVs and sensors for precision agriculture; flight services and image processing products. UPTEC
Fibersail Fibersail developed a system comprised of both hardware and predictive software, for wind farm management. UPTEC
Findster Findster creates products to help you keep your loved ones safe and healthy. IPN Incubadora
GreenFika GreenFika developed an environmental sustainability model for turf maintenance, for chlorophyll farming customers.
Horizontal Cities Horizontal Cities developed a navigation app for cycling in urban areas that allows its users to navigate along the most energy efficient routes DNA Cascais
InanoE InanoE is designing and prototyping solutions for energy harvesting both in wearables and micro/nano-generators. UPTEC
iTrack Solutions iTrack Solutions system increases the safety in LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) and Experimental aircrafts.
Kinetikos Kinetikos developed an Integrated SaaS solution enabling a continuum monitoring of People with Parkinson?s Disease from their daily living activities for Neurologists to better support medical decisions.
Matereo Space Matereo Space provides a plug-and-play integrated solution to monitor and collect aquaculture data, scalable and easy to use (hardware and cloud-based dashboard). IPN Incubadora
mOceanSense mOceanSense delivers services for broadcasters and official bodies of nautical sports. For the first time, they will be able to transmit live performance metrics. UPTEC
NinaSpace NinaSpace helps prevent and mitigate wildfires using Earth Observation data.
ParqIST ParqIST developed a Mobile app to ease the process of looking for a parking spot.
PavNext PavNext sells technological devices to implement in road pavements to infrastructure managers. It is able to promote road safety in a unique way, to produce clean electric energy, and to generate data regarding traffic and energy.
SpaceLayer Technologies SpaceLayer Technologies is devoted to the use of chemical distribution of major pollutants to issue alerts regarding air quality. IPN Incubadora
Stratio Automotive Stratio Automotive acts as a technology provider to transport companies that need to manage efficiently their transport fleets. IPN Incubadora
Tesselo Tesselo converts satellite imagery into value information for smart city management, environmental and urban planning. DNA Cascais
The Loop co. JACOB developed a SaaS (hardware and software) that provide information and foster HR security in large extensive construction sites IPN Incubadora
THEIA THEIA provides remote detection of archaeological sites and features based on satellite imager. IPN Incubadora