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Citizens and Patient Representatives will be invited to the Annual Retreat of Ageing@EITHealth_Brain to participate in round table discussions and constructive advise on student’s capacity to communicate society meaningful science to a lay audience. We expect that the participation of citizens and patient representatives in the Annual Retreat may foster the program to adopt new pedagogic formulations, to reach the citizens, and to inspire the PhD projects to address society and business-relevant research topics.

Research-based interventions focused on Brain Health/Cognitive Stimulation with prescribed physical exercise and nutritional interventions will profit from the network of health care providers including Hospitals, Primary Care Units and Living Labs, offering the students with real data feeding their PhD projects. Additionally, Ageing@EITHealth_Brain will profit from quadruple helix-based ecosystems represented by 8 Reference Sites of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.


Through training given to a new generation of PhD students with innovative and entrepreneurial skills, the Ageing @ EITHealth PhD School was to find new ideas for the market, improving the health and economic value of clinical and non-clinical data. Ageing @ EITHealth students received advanced training and conducted research, incorporated into ongoing PhD theses in universities, healthcare settings, as well as health-related business environments. The program's interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach facilitated students' exposure to varied information from early diagnosis, personalized health, population aging, bioimaging, genetics, epigenetics, social profiling, health systems, and resource optimization, among others. Innovation, entrepreneurship and business skills were offered by Ageing @ EITHealth to strengthen the business opportunities created by available and innovative databases. The full implementation of the program in 2020 focused on Brain Aging.

The innovative model based on the knowledge triangle of the Ageing @ EITHealth_Brain PhD School is currently not present in other pan-European PhD schools. However, we intend to profit from established synergies and therefore our proposal will benefit from existing programs, such as the MIT-Portugal Bioengineering Systems PhD Program or the NanoStem Marie Currie ETN, both strongly driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, to move upscale in the EIT Health network.

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Expected and Achieved Objectives:
Innovation and Entreperseurship Course provided by IPN.

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12 Months

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Newcastle University;
Centro Hospitalar e Universit´´ario de Coimbra, EPE;
Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte E.P.E.;
Instituto Pedro Nunes;
Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon;
University of Cologne;
Universitatsklinikum Koln;
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven;
University of Copenhagen (UCPH Copenhagen);
Imperial College London;
Trinity College Dublin;
Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen;
Universidade de Coimbra;
Medical University of Lodz;
Institute for Bioengineerinf of Catalonia;
Universidade do Porto;
Centro de Neurociências e Biologia Celular;
University of Evora.