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Recognized nationally and internationally for over 25 years, IPN Incubator now also manages the Incubators "Powered by IPN". These incubators consist of collaborative and supportive programs to entrepreneurship, either local or institutional, arising from partnerships between IPN and local authorities or other institutions. These partnerships follow the management model and incubation activities of IPN Incubator, functioning under its sinergetic coordination, with the objective of maximizing the resources' efficiency and efficacy of its impact. The first two examples of the the Incubators "Powered by IPN" are HIESE – Habitat for Business Innovation in Strategic Sectors, in Penela, located 30 km away from IPN, and INOPOL – Entrepreneurship Academy of Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, located 10 km away from IPN.

HIESE - Habitat for Business Innovation in Strategic Sectors is an innovation space that started its activity in 2016. The operating model results from a filed partnership between IPN Incubadora and the Municipality of Penela. The management and incubation model is the responsibility of IPN Incubadora, and the infrastructure is owned by Penela Municipality.

More information at www.smartrural.pt INOPOL

INOPOL Entrepreneurship Academy is a functional unit of the Polytechnic of Coimbra whose mission is to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and to foster the creation and growth of new startup and spinoff companies of scientific basis and innovative nature.

More information at www.ipc.pt/ipc/id-e-inovação/inopol INOPOL