IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - Representatives from EP-UFBA visit IPN

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Representatives from EP-UFBA visit IPN
Representatives from the Polytechnic School of the Federal University of Bahia visited Instituto Pedro Nunes, namely Marcelo Embiruçu de Souza, Director of UFBA, and Francisco Gaudêncio Mendonça Freires, Vice-Director of EP-UFBA.

During the visit, the International Research Centre for Energy Transition, which is being established at EP-UFBA, was presented.

The delegation was welcomed by Rui Miranda, TECBIS coordinator, and got to know the R&D activities, innovation support models, incubation, acceleration and training of the Instituto Pedro Nunes.

This visit was facilitated by III-UC and the Department of Chemical Engineering of FCTUC.  


23 of November of 2022