IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes

IPN     IPN Incubadora
Company Description Incubation model
10.digital Digital marketing agency with web development competencies focused on the development of knowledge management SaaS tool Start
1500fh Development of practical integrated training courses for data professionals (Researchers and Data Engineers), generation of new knowledge (research) and development of analytical culture in companies (real cases) Start
4EveryPet Development of multimedia content to improve relationships between pets and their families Start
aapb0 Development of integrated solutions for buildings and cities with zero impact on the environment Start
Abtrace Artificial intelligence tackling antimicrobial resistance Start
Actif Age Promoting therapeutic activities for older people. Start
Aferymed Metrological verification of pre-packaged liquid and solid products Follow-up
Alphabet Sphere Development of innovative technological solutions that can generate a positive impact on social challenges Start
Ambigrama Business anthropology Start
Appsconcept App development agency specialized in human centered design processes Follow-up
ART RESILIA Pragmatic Cyber Resilience Start
BigAdvantage Development of management software for decision-making support Start
Book in Loop Development and launching of disruptive solutions aimed at the Educational Market. Follow-up
BrightGov Development and implementation of End-to-End Auditable Voting Systems Start
BSIM Therapeutics Discovery and development of innovative drugs against rare neurodegenerative diseases Follow-up
CHEM4PHARMA Development of new drugs for cancer and are diseases treatment using both conventional and computational support technologies Start
Cidades Obscuras Architectural activities based on reverse engineering and computer aided manufacturing technologies Follow-up
Circletec Development of eHealth solutions and web and mobile applications Start
Competência & Rigor Financial consultancy Start
Crioestaminal Stem cell cryopreservation. Research and development of new cell therapies Follow-up
Critical Software Dependable technologies for critical systems Follow-up
Crypto Hub Blockchain technology development Start
EasyClick Web development, distributed software applications, mobile applications and location technologies Follow-up
Eikko Development of ​​recruitment, talent and career management technological solutions, working at the intersection of web technologies, artificial intelligence and psychology Start
Eleuzis Healing communities, at the crossing of precision psychiatry, psychedelics and AI Start