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Promoting the space economy and supporting in the European Space Agency incubation program in the Centro Region.


From the defense and aerospace industries, the space sector has long been more geared towards science and space exploration strategic objectives. This reality has been changing. When dealing with technology “state-of-the-art”, this sector is increasingly attracting the attention of other actors, with states, companies and private investors looking at it as a new source of economic growth and innovation. The "space economy" has thus become a sector with great impact, bringing disruptive innovations and many new business opportunities, especially when applied to other sectors of the economy.


IPN has a strong connection to the space sector since its creation, with the incubation of some of the leading Portuguese space companies. In addition, it has already developed R&D projects with the main national players in the sector. Thus, the invitation of the European Space Agency (ESA) to integrate simultaneously the network of technology brokers, the ARTES Ambassador Platform, and to coordinate the national ESA Business Incubation Center was natural. Since then, Portugal has become increasingly active in the field of dowstream applications. With this project, IPN intended to maximize the impact of this framework, fostering entrepreneurship and job creation, in the Centro Region.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

Specific Objective 1.1: Communication.
Results & KPIs:
• Awareness Actions and Promotion Actions: 66 out of the 4 previewed.

Specific Objective 1.2: Dissemination of the ESA BIC Permanent Open Call and other opportunities in the space economy.
Results & KPIs:
• Disclosure Actions: 66 out of the 6 previewed.

Specific Objective 1.3: Identification and promotion of Success Stories and supported business projects.
Results & KPIs:
• Sucess Cases: 4 ou of the 1 previewed;

• Brochure: 1 out of the 1 previewed;

• Media Campaign: 3 out of the 1 previewed.

Specific Objective 2.1: Direct contacts with potential entrepreneurs.
Results & KPIs
• Local contest: 13 out of the 4 previewed;

• Presentation to students and I&D Centers: 66 out of the 6 previewed.

Specific Objective 2.2: Scouting for "space-to-land" technologies and business opportunities.
Results & KPIs:
• Contacts with companies: 14 out of the 20 previewed.

Specific Objective 3.1: Scholarship program for young entrepreneurs.
Results & KPIs:
• 1 Fellowship Edition to Support space entrepreneurs: 2 out of the 2 previewed

Specific Objective 3.2.:
Pre-acceleration of business projects.
Results & KPIs:
• Entrepreneurial Projects supported 7 out of the 14 previewed;

• Tech Validation 7 out of the 14 previewed;

• Business Validation 7 out of the 14 previewed.

Specific Objective 4.1: Contacts with national and international investors.
Results & KPIs:
• Fund raised 1.241.159€ out of the 500.000€ previewed;

Specific Objective 4.2: Support in applications to R&DT and Innovation programs, business idea contests/awards and acceleration programs.
Results & KPIs:
• Proposals submissions 14 out of the 12 previewed;

• Public Fund raised 1.483.877,82€ out of the 500.000€ previewed.

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Intervention Region

Centro (100%) of Portugal

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28 Months

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Instituto Pedro Nunes




Space economy;
Centre Region.