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InovC +
Intelligent Innovation Ecosystem of the Central Region of Portugal


INOVC+ is a Special Strategic Program for the valorization of scientific and technological knowledge that consists in the implementation of a pilot project of regional scope, that, in a networking context, involving non-business entities of the regional system of R&I (such as University and Polytechnic Higher Education Institutions, Technology Transfer and Valorization Centers, Technology Centers, Science and Technology Parks, among others) and companies, enhances the valorization and transfer of knowledge and results of R&TD activities for the regional economy.

The origin of this program comes from the idea of creating an articulated system between Science, Technology and Business for the Central Region that contributes to make the business fabric more innovative and Higher Education Institutions, where the greatest technological and research potential is found, more entrepreneurial.

In this context, the mission of the INOVC+ Program will be as follows: Consolidate a Smart Innovation Ecosystem, open and inclusive, incorporating a complete offer of resources, infrastructures and dynamics, with transversal and sectorially oriented bets, thus contributing to the sustainability and competitiveness of the Centro Region.


INOVC+ has as it´s main aim is to sensitize students, researchers and entrepreneurs to the development of seed projects and spinoffs, in strategic areas for the Centre Region and properly aligned with the Smart Specialization Strategy advocated for the same (RIS 3 Centro), in order to transform innovative ideas into business initiatives, and should therefore include activities of diverse spectrum.

With the present operation, the co-promoters' vision is to affirm the Centro Region as a national reference of international projection in the creation of new products and services resulting from R&D+I activities, through a program for the valorization of scientific and technological knowledge that consists in the implementation of a strategic planning framework through a Regional Smart Innovation Ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of generating and creating an important number of business initiatives based on R&D+I activities.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

Specific Objective 1: Awareness Raising and Networking.
Results and Indicators:

• No. of Acceleration Programs (IPN Deep Tech): 2 editions of the program with 5 sessions expected;

• No. of networking events between industry, R&D entities and entrepreneurs to be organized: 2 expected actions/events;

• No. of participations in networking sessions between industry and startups/business projects: 10 national events to be attended, 4 international events to be attended, 2 joint participations in the Web Summit;

Specific Objective 2:
Identification of Technologies and R&D needs in companies.
Results and Indicators:
• No. of Technology scouting actions to participate: 1 capacity building actions participating;

• No. of internal identification actions of technologies with commercial potential: 2 actions to be carried out;

• No. of technologies with commercial potential identified: 2 technologies to be identified;

• No. of companies to be visited that will present R&D challenges: 3 companies that will present challenges;

• No. of challenges identified: 3 challenges to be identified;

•  No. of challenges answered: 2 challenges to be answered from 2 companies;

• No. of innovation diagnostics reports developed: 5 diagnostics expected.

Specific Objective 3:
Valorization and Commercialization.
Results and Indicators:
• No. of projects identified under the IPN Deep Tech acceleration program: 2 R&D+I projects to follow up;

• No. of reverse mission participations of R&D+I results dissemination: 1 expected participation.

Project Reference



Intervention Region

Center (100%) of Portugal

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IPN Investment


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IPN Eligible


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EC Funding – IPN



22 Months

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Universidade de Coimbra
RAÍZ - Instituto de Investigação da Floresta e Papel
Associação BLC3 - Campus de Tecnologia e Inovação
AIBILI - Associação Para Investigação em Luz e Imagem
AEMITEQ - Associação Para A Inovação Tecnologia e Qualidade
TAGUSVALLEY - Associação Para A Promoção e Desenvolvimento do Tecnopólo do Vale do Tejo
SERQ - Centro de Inovação e Competências da Floresta
ITECONS - Instituto de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico Para a Construção, Energia, Ambiente e Sustentabilidade
BIOCANT - Associação de Transferência de Tecnologia
Instituto Pedro Nunes
Instituto Politecnivo de Viseu
Instituto Politecnico da Guarda
Instituto Politecnico de Castelo Branco
Instituto Politecnico de Tomar
Instituto Politecnico de Coimbra
Instituto Politecnico de Leiria
Universidade da Beira Interior
Universidade de Aveiro


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