IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN explores partnerships in the health sector during HLTH Europe

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IPN explores partnerships in the health sector during HLTH Europe
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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) participated in the HLTH Europe, an event aimed at promoting innovation and developing solutions in the health sector, which took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from June 17 to 20 of 2024.

IPN’s presence at the event, with Luiza Almeida, Business Developer of the Laboratory for Automatics and Systems, had the objective of exploring the most recent technological innovations in the health field and identifying collaboration opportunities with other entities.

IPN was present in the event, as part of the Global Health Connector, ECHAlliance, a network of ecosystems that match necessities and solutions in the health field, erase obstacles, transform healthcare and create economic opportunities.

Besides this global network, the event counted with the participation of leaders, experts, organisations and companies in health, innovation, science, public services and philanthropy, including GE Healthcare, Philips, Microsoft, Google Health, Novo Nordisk, Research and Technology Organisations, Startups and Venture Capital companies, with the objective to accelerate innovation and transform the health sector.

The participation in the HLTH Europe reinforces IPN’s commitment to promote innovation and technological development in the health sector in Portugal and Europe.


21 of June of 2024