IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN's acceleration programme for technologies and ideas presents thirteen promising projects

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IPN's acceleration programme for technologies and ideas presents thirteen promising projects
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The presentation of the thirteen teams that participated in Instituto Pedro Nunes’ (IPN) acceleration programme for technologies and ideas, Ineo Start, took place on May 9th.

Innovative ideas in sectors like health, legal, technology, artificial intelligence and well-being had the opportunity to present their pitch before a panel of investors and potential clients.

The event opening counted with IPN’s President of the Board, João Gabriel Silva, and IPN’s Head of Innovation, Jorge Pimenta.

During four weeks, the teams had access to workshops, networking, mentoring and learning sessions given by specialists, funders and investors.

Ineo Start is one of the oldest national acceleration programmes, having supported more than 140 teams who created companies like LaserLeap, Sensing Future, ihCare, doDOC, Sentilant, Mitotag, The Loop co., MedsimLab, TUU, EcoX, Spotlite, NerveGen or Fibersight.

Information on the thirteen projects presented:

BrightGov developed an online voting system, simplifying the vote while maintaining it annonymus, safe and fast.

Build.ing presented a platform to make the construction industry more sustainable and reduce the total construction costs.

ByTheLaw is developing a digital legal system to help with lawyer’s administrative work.

The D-Lite project has built a hybrid “smart” lamp that allows vitamin D synthesis to occur through passive treatment and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

iBoss RaceManager created a platform for managing races in car simulators.

MEDgical.AI created an AI based platform for doctors, allowing the automatization of consultation notes and necessary documentation.

Menopausa21 created APP M21 which offers orientation and monitoring, a daily well-being evaluation scale, among other functions, for women who are dealing with menopause.

Model Actuated Infinite Authenticator (MAIA) designed a solution against cyber attacks with a biometrics based user authenticator.

The Protégé project formulated a technological sunscreen which offers personalized UV protection.

SafeCaring developed a solution to optimize the recording of clinical activities practiced by health care providers.

Zenisort created an email organization tool, allowing users to focus on more important tasks.

The exobig project designed an app to face Gen Z’s challenges and needs, by providing special tools and content about mental health, attention span, among other topics.

Lynx searched to find an alternative to miniature listening devices, using regular earphones, focusing on users with adaptation or financial issues.



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