IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN was present in public presentation of TEF-Health and DigiHealthPT projects

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IPN was present in public presentation of TEF-Health and DigiHealthPT projects
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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) participated in the presentation of the TEF-Health (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence) and DigiHealthPT (Smart Health and eHealth) projects and their respective service catalogues, in Lisbon.

The beneficiaries of these projects - in the case of DigiHealthPT - are startups and SMEs and the public sector, entities that will be able to take advantage of special conditions for accessing the hub's services, namely reduced prices, as these are partially supported by European funds.

In the case of TEF-Health, the aim is to create TEF (Testing and Experimental Facilities) structures that can be a bridge between companies and hospitals. As well as serving as an environment for testing and demonstrating solutions, the TEFs will enable ethical and data protection reviews of the companies' projects, while also integrating incubation activities and market analyses.

TEF-Health - Testing and Experimentation Facility for Health AI and Robotics, a European Commission initiative that aims to speed up the process of certifying and testing technology based on artificial intelligence and robotics in the health area by establishing a network of testing and experimentation infrastructures in 9 European countries.

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) leads the national consortium, which includes the Coimbra Local Health Unit (ULS Coimbra), São João Local Health Unit (ULS São João), Shared Services of the Ministry of Health, Health Cluster Portugal and EIT Health Innostars.

As well as leading the national network, IPN will also be one of the providers of specialised services, and will support SMEs and start-ups in the regulatory area and in supporting certification and testing solutions in a laboratory environment.


9 of February of 2024