IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN and Nefrovida establish partnership to develop dialysis management system

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IPN and Nefrovida establish partnership to develop dialysis management system
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Instituto Pedro Nunes' Informatics and Systems Lab (LIS) will develop, in partnership with NEFROVIDA, an IT System for Dialysis and Renal Health Management (SIG DSR), with a view to digitising information processes, management and healthcare provision in this area.

This project, which will be implemented over the next year, was officially launched on 6 November at the Global Health Company Group's headquarters at iParque in Coimbra.

This computerised management system, which will be unique in Portugal, will be able to capture, process and integrate clinical and personal information relating to the patient, simplifying processes and enabling more efficient healthcare to be provided with high quality standards. The DSR SIG is being designed to meet the needs of patients, doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals working in the field of nephrology, for whom the success of their activity depends on fast, simplified and secure access to the most up-to-date information on the person undergoing treatment.

This tool will also make it possible to respond to needs that go beyond the direct provision of care, such as all the information and management processes, namely the checking, preparation and sending of various documents to the various public and private entities (e.g. clinical analysis laboratories, state institutions), up to the archiving and finalisation of any intervention, one-off or long-term.

LIS will play a key role in the development of this system, applying relevant knowledge and experience in areas such as IoT (Internet of Things), multi-system integrations (e.g. integrations with medical devices) and low-code development, which will be used to speed up the development process, ensuring efficiency and agility.

In fact, the transfer of knowledge and technology will be an essential aspect, highlighting the laboratory's commitment to strengthening the regional healthcare ecosystem by developing systems that improve the provision of care, particularly in the area of nephrology, but also to increasing the resilience of the regional business fabric by investing in digitalisation and innovation.

The DSR SIG is part of NEFROVIDA's innovation strategy for the coming years, which also includes the implementation of a second research and development project aimed at Remote/Virtual Monitoring of Kidney Patients. This project will involve Instituto Pedro Nunes and the University of Coimbra and will enable NEFROVIDA to continuously monitor patients at home, with a view to providing preventative or timely healthcare whenever necessary.


8 of November of 2023