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12 innovative business ideas presented during Demo Day of IPN's accelerator programme
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The presentation of the twelve teams that participated in the technology and business ideas acceleration program of Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), the ineo start, took place last May 5th. Over the last 11 editions, ineo start joined more than 134 teams. Companies such as Laser Leap, Sensing Future, ihCare, doDOC, Sentilant, Mitotag, The Loop co, MedsimLab, TUU, EcoX, Spotlite and NerveGen, had their origin in ineo start.

Projects linked to business areas such as health, food, environment, tourism, human resources and smart cities, were publicly presented to an audience of investors, potential clients, partners and other stakeholders.

The event was attended by the President of the IPN Board of Directors, João Gabriel Silva, and the IPN Innovation Director, Jorge Pimenta.

For four weeks the participants had access to workshops, training and mentoring, on topics as varied as funding, business modeling, marketing and Intellectual Property, with the support of about 30 mentors.

Part of the INOVC+ Programme and with funding from the Centro 2020 Programme, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, Ineo Start is one of the oldest national acceleration programmes.

Information about the 12 projects presented:

FiberLoop is a system for real-time detection of water leaks from public distribution networks. It is based on fibre optic technologies and enables efficient management of public water.

At EXOS they are developing customizable, durable and affordable prosthetics and orthotics, produced by 3D printing, for a better quality of life for people with physical and neurological disabilities.

Pubbly is an application that guarantees restaurants an effective and organic marketing for restaurants, leveraging their notoriety and publicity. Through Pubbly, customers share their dining experiences on social media in exchange for a discount to be offered by restaurants.

Tensegrity is developing a solution in the form of an App and online platform in the four areas of health preservation: sleep/rest, nutrition, physical health and mental health, with a holistic approach.

Kulture is a recruitment app, using AI and machine learning, that connects companies and candidates, contributing to better hires, in less time and for less money.

PURR.AI is a biotech that optimizes drug development for neurological diseases associated with aging, saving the industry time and money by using the power of Artificial Intelligence.

eFilters makes it possible to reduce the operational cost of wastewater treatment plants, in a renewable way, as well as being able to generate electricity and hydrogen, having a lower implementation cost.

Paperlens is a platform that optimises the scientific recruitment process by biomedical startups. It saves time, costs and reduces the risk in hiring highly specialised staff.

In Fibro

In Fibro develops a dressing with medical applications, which combines rapid tissue re-epithelialisation and regeneration with the reduction of pain associated with the wound, also making it possible to personalise treatment.

Trilha do Sabor

Trilha do Sabor aims to create synergies between small producers and the HO.RE.CA channel (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias), in a system of co-operation to guarantee sustainability.

myPOC is a smartphone application that increases accessibility and personalises the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder through innovative and safe data collection approaches.

Freeasy provides personalised frozen meals based on users' biometric data, which are accompanied in their nutritional plans by an artificial intelligence tool.


5 of May of 2023