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IPN developed lubricant interfaces to increase energy efficiency
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The LubEnergy project, which has come to an end after a year of work, has made it possible to develop lubricating interfaces with greater energy efficiency.

This project was coordinated by the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), through the Laboratory for Wear, Testing & Materials (LED&MAT) team, in collaboration with UT Austin. It allowed, on the one hand, the development of new carbon-based coatings, by the IPN, and the synthesis of ionic liquids (IL), by the UT-Austin team. The coatings were tested for their tribological performance in the presence of green lubricant additives with the synthesised ionic liquids. The results obtained allowed us to assess the most promising coating/LI interface in terms of energy efficiency.

The scientific results were published in an international journal and presented in two international congresses. In addition, two more papers were submitted to international journals and three more are under preparation.

The interaction and organisation of the team was crucial to achieve the proposed goals. Thus, and as environmental and energy concerns continue to be a challenge in the industrial sector, mainly in the tribological area, future partnerships are being planned.

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13 of April of 2023