IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN integrates a mission to the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem

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IPN integrates a mission to the Israeli Innovation Ecosystem
Technology transfer and I.P.
The mission, promoted by INOVC+ Project, aimed to know the best practices of the Israeli innovation ecosystem and counted with the participation of Carla Duarte, innovation manager of Instituto Pedro Nunes.

During 4 days it was possible to visit a set of relevant entities of the innovation ecosystem in Israel, including universities, R&D entities, innovation hubs, entrepreneurship centres and Venture Capital. In direct contact with these entities, it was possible to know the strategy of this country, known as Startup Nation.

The mission began on March 13, with the presence of Ran Natazon, Head of Innovation and Country Brand of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was followed by a presentation of EIT Hub Israel,to deepen the theme of Israel's connection to European competitive funding programmes. There was also a presentation to the Portuguese Embassy in Israel by Joana Araújo, Deputy Minister, culminating with a visit to Tau Ventures, a risk capital promoter of a University in Israel.

During the second day, the delegation visited Reichman University - International School in Tel Aviv, where it was received by the Director of Adelson - School of Entrepreneurship. During the afternoon it was possible to visit the Technion centre - Israel Institute of Technology, a reference institution in Israel, culminating with a meeting at the Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corporation ltd., Technology Transfer Office of the University of Haifa.

On March 15, the delegation visited the National Institute of Biotechnology in Negevda Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. This was followed by a visit to Yazamut 360, Ben Gurion University's Entrepreneurship Center, where it was possible to learn about the innovative programs and approaches in the field of entrepreneurship. In the afternoon, it was in Jerusalem that they met Amnon Dekel from ASPER - HUJI Innovate, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The last day of the Mission included a meeting with Ishai Shamir from Argentum Consultants, a consultant specialising in European projects, and a team reflection meeting on the mission to Israel's innovation ecosystem. Henrique Cymerman was the last guest, presenting the delegation with a session on the historical and economic context of Israel, as well as on his interpretation of the innovation ecosystem.

This mission was extremely relevant for the innovation ecosystem of the portuguese Central region, both for the learning opportunity and for the internal reflection it provided. It is constituted as a moment that can define our collective future.

The Mission to the Innovation Ecosystem of Israel is one of the actions of INOVC+ Programme: Intelligent Innovation Ecosystem of the Central Region, co-financed by CENTRO 2020, through the European Regional Development Fund.


28 of March of 2023