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IPN joins HealthChain project
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The official kick-off meeting of the HealthChain project took place on 23rd and 24th January, in Murcia (Spain), and counted with the participation of several partners, namely, Instituto Pedro Nunes (through the Laboratory for Automatics and Systems), Ticbiomed, Servicio Murciano de Salud Pulso Ediciones SLU, Aicrum IT, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Coimbra, Promptly Health, Slovenian Innovation Hub, Kirurški sanatorij Rozna dolina, Gospodar Zdravja, Parsek Sustainable Solutions GIU, Klinicki Bolnicki Center Rijeka, RiniGARD VERSO, Oost NL, Rijnstate and Philips.

The Horizon Europe project "HealthChain - Driving value chains in Health at regional and European level" aims to promote the digital transformation of healthcare organisations, through more effective, convenient, accessible and intuitive delivery of health services, to citizens in the five regions of the consortium and also in other European regions interested in replicating the lessons learned and best practices that have emerged from the Health Chain.

This project proposes the adoption of a model, interconnecting 5 regional ecosystems at European level. Driven by demand, it will be co-created and refined for implementation and validation to a portfolio of 15 sub-projects.

In addition, the ecosystem facilitators will provide support to suppliers to expand their know-how and boost innovation competitiveness.

This project also includes the creation of a Community of Practice (CoP) among European regions, which will establish and explore sustainable ways for the proposed value chain model, based on the use of the regions' own resources/budgets.

Instituto Pedro Nunes is responsible for supporting companies, acting as an Ecosystem Supporter and representing the link between the Coimbra’s University Hospital (CHUC) and the business community. In addition, it will be responsible for managing an open call for startups that develop technologies in the healthcare sector. IPN will support, together with Parsek and Philips, companies in the internationalisation of their technologies through sessions sharing their know-how and expertise.


25 of January of 2023