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IPN was at a health tech display
RTD Laboratories
The Laboratory for Automatics and Systems (LAS) represented Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) at the health tech display “Innovation in Health” on September 16th.

LAS presented two of their projects: FaceRehab and TrainR4U - Training Robot for Ultrasound.

FaceRehab aims to develop a product that will provide a solution for supporting facial rehabilitation exercises using technology as a means to improve digital transformation of the health and care for people affected with Facial Paralysis.

TrainR4U created a new approach to provide high quality and standardized medical professional training in abdominal echography by using an exclusive method and tools (with pending patent application).

The event, which took place at University of Coimbra’s Faculty of Sciences and Technology, was organized by the University of Coimbra and Association for Innovation and Biomedical Research on Light and Image (AIBILI) and aimed to promote technologies, products and services, as well as the exchange of good practices between researchers and regional enterprises, and to stimulate the establishment of new strategic partnerships in the health area.

Besides the display of more than 85 innovative Technologies, Products and Services, the event included two Round Tables where several themes were discussed.


16 of September of 2022