IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN launches 2nd edition of the full-stack course in web development

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IPN launches 2nd edition of the full-stack course in web development
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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) presented the second edition of the full-stack course in web development that is scheduled to start in the second half of October and is a part of the IPN IT Academy initiative. The presentation took place at Instituto Pedro Nunes and included the delivery of certificates to the trainees who participated in the first edition.

IPN IT Academy is a programming training program, promoting a constant learning and growing environment. The program is aimed at people that are not in the informatics field, but have had some programming experience during their education, as well as at people in the informatics field that want to deepen their knowledge of new technologies.

The course is financed and results from a partnership between IPN and the Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) with the aim to equip its trainees with practical skills related to the programming languages and technologies that the job market is looking for, whilst also preparing its participants for an entry in a highly qualified professional sector with high employability rates.

This course emerges as a way to respond to the new challenges of the job market, aligning the skills of professionals with the real needs and demands of the sector and its companies.

“The technologies that I learnt were aligned with the job market in such a way that I got offered a work contract during the internship”, said Luís Parente, trainee in the 1st edition of IPN IT Academy.

The 1st edition of IPN IT Academy included the participation of an heterogeneous group of candidates from different areas and backgrounds, all enthusiasts for web development.

“Even though the group presented very different degrees of technological maturity, its elements had something in common: the motivation to learn new and challenging content, which allowed everyone to pass the teaching component and, thus, access an internship in a work context”, mentioned Alcides Marques, trainer of the 1st edition of the IPN IT Academy. The majority of trainees were integrated in tech-based companies, giving them prospects of a quicker integration in the job market.

For further information: itacademy@ipn.pt


8 of September of 2022