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IPN participates in GreenCoat Project meeting
RTD Laboratories
The GreenCoat Project Consortium meeting was held in Trondheim, Norway, on 22nd and 23rd, in which IPN was present through LED & MAT.

In addition to the Portuguese representation, elements of the other two entities constituting the Consortium were also present: University of Ljubljana, Laboratory for Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology (UL-TINT) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

This project aims to develop a new type of interface between a DLC coating based on innovative deposition technology and ionic liquids (IL). The reactivity of the coatings allows the creation of a protective layer to wear due IL action, an environmentally friendly and advanced lubrication form. This combination allows for greater performance of many machines framed with new and harsh greenhouse gas emission restrictions. These rules will soon apply to all mechanical components subject to high loads and necessarily lubricated, in transport vehicles and industrial systems. In fact, current UN, EU and national emissions legislation already restricts the use of some of today's leading lubricants for which there are still no acceptable alternatives available without loss of efficiency.


26 of November of 2018