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Roundtable on New Technologies for Old Industries
First MIT-Portugal International Industry Roundtable on
New Technologies for Old Industries

Life Science Innovation for Portugal’s Traditional Economic Sectors
Agriculture | Aquaculture | Energy | Food | Forestry | Textiles

Mira Center, June 19, 2017

Entrepreneurial success and cutting-edge innovation in the life sciences are often associated with health and medical technologies. However there is a range of other industries where new biotechnologies have been making a very significant impact. In the context of countries such as Portugal, bio-­‐innovation and entrepreneurship in sectors that rely on existing natural resources – the Sea, the Forest, certain crops – or on long-standing industrial traditions such as textiles and chemicals, are particularly relevant.

This International Industry Roundtable (IIR) aims to bring together key players from the Portuguese and European research and innovation ecosystem for a multidisciplinary discussion on the promise and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, scientists and innovators in these fields. The IIR is part of the MIT Portugal program’s continued effort to help establish bridges between academia and the industry, using informal events to promote new technologies, stimulate exchange of ideas and, ultimately, foster economic and social growth.

This roundtable is an MIT Portugal Program initiative, with the crucial support of the Municipality of Mira and the University of Aveiro.

Registrations are open until June 12th and are limited to existing posts (also for transportation).

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Information about the Venue (R. do Matadouro 149, 3070-436 Mira).
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19 de Junho de 2017


Mira Center, Mira

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