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Laboratório de Informática e Sistemas

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Engenharia Electrotécnica e Informática

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Instituto Pedro Nunes


Hugo Oliveira

Instituição do orientador

Departamento de Engenharia Informática

Categoria do orientador

Professor auxiliar


The main goal of this work is the development of a tool for suggesting related concepts and for the automatic generation of textual scripts, based on a list of provided concepts.
For this purpose, previously used techniques for similar problems should be explored, in the general domain of Artificial Intelligence and, more specifically, Computational Creativity, with a focus on story and poetry generation.
Although the integration effort is out of the scope of this specific work, the resulting tool should have in mind its integration in Glymt (, a web platform and marketplace for filming, editing and selling short videos.
Work will be oriented by Professor Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira, at Instituto Pedro Nunes and University of Coimbra. Throughout the work, a strong interaction will occur with members of Glymter, the company behind the Glymt platform.
We stress that this is a great opportunity to work on a project that lies in the intersection of academic research and industry, with a result that fulfills a real need by
Glymter and will consequently be intregrated in their product.
This should thus be seen by the candidate either as opening the doors of a potential PhD, or, instead, of a potential future career at Glymter.

Tema do plano de trabalhos

Development of an intelligent tool for supporting the generation of scripts for short footage videos

Plano de trabalhos

- Familiarization with problem domain, analysis of available tools and knowledge resources, suitable for the project.
- Exploration of approaches for the suggestion of concepts.
- Analysis of the state-of-the-art of linguistic creativity.
- Implementation of a prototype for script generation.
- Writing a technical report and a scientific paper.

Tipo de bolsa

BI - Bolsa de Investigação


980.00 €



Método de pagamento



6 meses

Número de bolsas



People with a MSc in Computer Science or related areas. Background on Artificial Intelligence, Computational Creativity, or Digital Literature are a plus.

Documentação a entregar

a) Cópia de documento de identificação válido (Cartão de Cidadão, Bilhete de Identidade ou Passaporte);
b) Curriculum Vitae do candidato;
c) Certificados de habilitações de todos os graus académicos obtidos, com média final e com as classificações em todas as disciplinas realizadas;

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